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The Top Ten Excuses for NOT Talking to Your Mate Part One

What three qualities make for a great relationship? In nearly every survey one word will always appear: communication. Then why do so many couples make every effort to avoid talking with each other? H...

Remembering the Doolittle Raid

72 years ago, American flyers dropped bombs on Japan as retribution for Pearl Harbor.April 18th represents the anniversary of this important event which is slowly fading from memory.

Why People Look For Liquidated Products

The market these days is going through a massive increase in product prices. From household goods to gas prices, practically everything has increased in cost. Because of this, consumers are left with hardly any funds to spend on the essential items, not to mention entertainment.

Why Wholesale Marketing is Best for a Manufacturing Business

Wholesale marketing is whenever a manufacturer of an item or product sells their merchandise to a business or individual who will then offer it to the regular buyer; perhaps even using the brand name of the manufacturing organization.

What is The Job of a Liquidator?

For those who want to start their own liquidation business, you should know why liquidated products are sold at a low price and about the people selling them. A liquidator sells excess products or products that have to be repaired in some way.

Things You Need to Know About Closeouts

Closeouts are one way to get cheap products for your business. Particularly, the products that don't sell during a closeout will be extremely cheap later on down the road. These are usually liquidated.

Stress Relief in 6 Easy Steps

Everyone is stressed these days. Time seems to have sped up, technology leaves us dazed and confused and there never seems to be enough time to regroup and relax. Discover 6 easy steps that can help you 'put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others'.

Inbound Marketing Explained

One of the challenges of marketing in 2011 is keeping up with all the new terms and concepts that seem to make themselves known, and one that is relatively new to me is 'inbound marketing'. Sometimes ...

The Different Types of Consumer Goods

An item is recognized as a consumer good if it is a real product, which is anything you can feel, hear, smell, see, or taste. In some instances there are different viewpoints on whether or not some goods regarded as real or intangible.

Self Worth: Why Do Some People Only Feel worthy When They Are Pleasing Others?

While some people feel accepted for who they are, there are other people who only feel accepted when they are pleasing other people. This could be something they are consciously aware of, or it could ...

Beware The Fake Marketer

Regular readers of this column may recall my column from October 2010 entitled 'Networking Nonces' where I vented frustrations about attending networking events.For those of you who missed the column ...

On Your Horse Ready GO

There are many possibilities to experience connection with horses. No matter whether it's to be a short, moving moment with a horse, or an active time spent with them, the connection relaxes you, does you good and awakens your own liveliness and spirit.

Needs: Why Do Some People Always Put Other People's Needs Before Their Own?

Having needs is part of being human and this means that they can't be overlooked or denied without certain consequences arising. This doesn't mean that one will always have their needs met; this is no...

Welsh Rarebit Recipe

This welsh rarebit recipe is truly divine and really lives up to its nick name as 'posh cheese on toast'. It is a luxurious thick cheesy spread that uses beer in its recipe to give a rich and deep tas...

The Sixth Chakra - Relating

The Sixth Chakra - The Thyroid Gland - Relating The relating chakra is associated with all expressions through sound. Energy is released from this center through the verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. In its balanced state, it is associated with a friendly, open and relaxed sharing with the world. It has the color vibration purple.

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