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Car Care Tips For New Cars

You have a nice new car and you want to keep it that way. The best way to do that is to perform regular and routine car care and maintenance, just as you would for a used car. Most importantly, part of the proper car care required for new cars, as opposed to older cars is to be patient with the car, try not to push the car too hard. Generally, you should keep your car under 55 MPH for the first 1,000 miles at least. Additionally, try to stay away from heavy loads as this puts extra stress on the cars new engine, such as towing trailers and boats, etc. Also, it is good to avoid letting your car idle for longer than necessary. A few brief moments is fine, but for longer periods, simply turn the car off.

It is recommended that you perform a regular car maintenance check and repair every month. As part of your routine car repair process you should change your oil often, using the right oil grade and weight (recommended for every 3,000 miles). Balance and rotate your car tires when needed. This is recommended to be performed every other time you change your car oil. Check the tires air pressure often. Check and replace if necessary, your windshield wiper blades, especially prior to any major season change, such as before winter sets in or before summer begins.

A new car is not resistant to damage from harsh weather. You must still take care of the car, inside and out. Use special microfiber towels for washing and drying the outside of the car, to avoid streaking and scratches, unnecessarily. Use protective cleaners for the interior. Keep the engine and wheels cleaned. Schedule a regular monthly maintenance check and keep a notebook of anything that appears abnormal or out of the ordinary. You've invested a large amount of money into being a new car owner, now is the time, from day one, to apply the correct car care. Maintaining your new car appropriately will help you to avoid hefty car repair expenses later.

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Published: Mon, 23 Sep 2013
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