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Checking And Keeping Clean Your Cars' Windsheild

The windshield should be considered as one of your cars safety and car care should be taken to keep it safe and clean. If the windshield is damaged in anyway, cracked, broken, chipped or otherwise, it should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid any possible injuries.

The purpose of the windshield is to keep the elements (wind, rain, heat, cold, snow, fog, dust, insects, etc.) from injuring those inside the car. They also are to keep the car occupants inside of the car in the event of an accident or a large sudden bump in the road. Making sure the windshield stays intact appropriately is crucial for the safety of all passengers as well as the driver. Therefore, any cracks or chips or dings should be dealt with as soon as possible. Many car insurance policies will pay for windshield replacement, which is a bonus.

Maintaining the windshields cleanliness is most important for proper visibility during driving. When cleaning a windshield an ordinary glass cleaner will suffice. Be sure to clean both inside and outside of the glass. A good tip to remember is instead of using paper towels, which can leave lint and streaks behind, use old newspapers instead. Newspaper absorbs the glass cleaner, without leaving link or streaks behind. This gives you a very clear windshield and clear view during driving. You can also choose to use a product such as Rain-X, these types o products help to protect your windshield and can be purchased at a local car repair or car parts center. Using such products will help to avoid streaking from wiper blades during wet weather. To apply this product, wash your car first, and then dry your windshield completely. Apply the Rain-X (or similar product) on half of your windshield at a time, in a circular motion with a very soft cloth. Then, using a different soft cloth polish the product off of the windshield until the windshield is crystal clear.

Follow the same steps for the opposite side of the windshield. When you apply this product, you will not need to use your windshield wipers as often. The raindrops and mists of water will bead up into droplets and simply fly off of the windshield. For the sake of safety, the uses of your wipers are recommended whether you use this product or not. Regardless if you use a windshield protective product or not, maintain clear visibility is essential to your car care routine. If any visible cracks are noticed, it will weaken your windshield and therefore diminish your safety and protection. Cracked windshields should be taken to a car repair center that specializes in glass replacement. Contact your insurance company as well. It is possible that such repair expenses are covered under your insurance policy.

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Published: Mon, 23 Sep 2013
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