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Replacing Your Wiper Blades

Before you get caught in a rainstorm unprepared, you should check your windshield wiper blades and replace them if necessary. Your wiper blades play the most crucial role in keeping your windshield clean. Clear and perfect vision is essential to driving safety. If you are seeing smearing and streaking when you use your wipers then your wiper blades should be replaced.

Wiper Blades are very easy to replace. First you will need to go to a local car repair or auto parts shop and buy replacement wiper blades. Your owners' manual will tell you the appropriate size to buy or the car repair service person can check in a catalog for the precise blade size for your car. Most often you will only need refill blades, which only replace the rubber wiper blades rather than the complete windshield wiper blades, too. After you have purchased the replacement rubber blade refills, you will need to remove the old ones. Most often old rubber wiper blades are the kind that has a hook shaped (or U shaped) clip towards the end of the slide and clip into the wiper arm. You can remove the old blades by using needle-nose pliers and squeezing the clip together so that the clip comes out of the slide. Slide the old rubber blade out and replace the new rubber blade in the slide. Replace the clip on the end, be sure that the clip 'clicks' and is securely tightened, this will assure you that when you need your wipers they won't come off of the slides. Now that your blades are replaced, you should take this opportunity to clean your windshield well.

This simple task of replacing your windshield wiper blades takes only a few minutes and will permit clear vision and view that allows for the driver to see any obstructions or potential dangers, while driving. This safety car care task is imperative to the protection of you and your passengers as well as to other drivers and pedestrians, particularly during bad weather. The clear visibility is essential to your car care, regardless of the distance you will drive. It can save you from an avoidable accident resulting in high repair costs and or injuries.

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Published: Mon, 23 Sep 2013
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