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The Professionals Guide To Waxing Your Car

Waxing your car doesn't have to be complicated or tedious. With the right equipment for waxing the car, care throughout the process and about an hour to dedicate to the waxing process, your car will look amazingly well cared for.

You can purchase a good nonabrasive brand of car wax from a local car repair and parts shop. The professionals working there can help you to purchase the best car wax for your car.

Before you can begin the process of waxing your car should be washed appropriately. You can read our article car washing to follow in order to ensure that your car is washed thoroughly and washed with the appropriate car care. Also your car should be dried well before waxing, as discussed in the car washing article, as well. Additionally, your cars' surface should be cooled and not left in direct sunlight. Be sure to park under a tree or other shady location.

Now you can begin the waxing procedure. To begin you will need a soft and gentle sponge. Most professional grade car waxes come with a sponge included but if your car wax has no sponge then make sure to use a very soft one that will not damage your car paint. Very lightly dampen the sponge and put a small amount of your car wax on it, not more than the equivalent of a tablespoon amount. Now you can begin rubbing the wax onto the cars' surface, covering the complete car (only painted areas, avoid getting wax onto any rubber or plastic surfaces, like those that are found around the windshield or the doors.)When you are rubbing the wax on always use a clockwise circular motion. There's no need to rub the wax into the car too aggressively. Just use gentle circular motions while applying slight pressure.

After you have put the wax completely on the car, return to your starting point and now using a counter-clockwise circular motion and a fresh, soft sponge or soft towel you can begin removing the car wax by simply gently wiping the wax off in a circular motion. Change to a fresh sponge or towel often. And when you have removed all of the dried wax, with a clean, soft towel go over the complete surface of the car once more to remove any streaks or spots. This will also allow you the opportunity to notice if there is any damaged areas on your car that will require a visit to a car repair shop. Your car will only need to be waxed about every three months and not monthly as part of your car care routine. And now, your car will be looking its' very best.

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Published: Mon, 23 Sep 2013
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